Safe Roads Illinois

We need to take back our roads


Overwhelming truck traffic resulting from the unplanned, overdevelopment of intermodal facilities and warehouses in Will County is overrunning our community, creating dangerous conditions and taking lives.


While we support jobs and commerce, we are paying the ultimate price when truckers:

  • Run red lights and cut off drivers
  • Speed, tailgate and slam on the brakes
  • Crash through railroad crossing safety gates
  • Ignore signs and drive in our neighborhoods
  • Disregard weight limits and vehicle safety regulations
  • Disobey law enforcement


As a concerned resident of Will County, I ask you to:

  • Make truckers pay for blatant disregard of the law
  • Hold developers accountable for their actions and impacts
  • Coordinate enforcement of truck traffic
  • Toughen commercial driver licensing, regulations and penalties


Please join us in taking back our roads. 

Sign the Safe Roads Illinois petition to tell the elected officials, developers, and truckers in Will County … Enough is Enough!

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